Interpretation equipment

We Provide Conference Processing Services With Interpretation Equipment And Interpreters Who Have Considerable Experience In The Interpretation Of Conferences.
The Interpretation Equipment Is Indispensable When Needed For Simultaneous Translation To Cover Conferences And Seminars. Therefore, We Are Keen To Work On Providing The Latest Equipment Manufactured To The Highest International Standards. It Is Completely Soundproofed Inside The Room Outside, And The Area Of ​​Nine Interpreters At The Same Time, In The Light Of Its Vision, Which Is Commensurate With The Prestige Of The Hall In The Place Of The Event.
The Audio System Is Modern And Integrated In The Delivery Of Sound From The Speaker And Through The Interpretation, And The Conclusion Of The Voice Of The Translator And His Stay In The Ear Of The Recipient Of The Audience.
The Customer Communicates With Us To Determine The Requirements Of The Number Of Speakers, The Number Of Rooms, The Number Of Translators, The Number Of Technicians, The Date Of The Event And The Work Schedule. Through Accurate Information By The Customer, We Make An Appropriate Bid, To Make Sure That Everything Is Ready And Ready, And To Make Sure That There Are No Obstacles And Follow-Up And Coordination By The Technicians Until The End Of The Event, And Receive A Detailed Report From The Client On The Mechanism Of Performance And Satisfaction With Work, And We Are So Keen To Cover All Meetings And Events For Our Discerning Customers We Work On Progress They Have Special Services For Them.
1- Rental of simultaneous translation equipment and devices for conferences (Bush German brand)
2- Rental of sound equipment and systems and audio systems necessary for conferences, seminars and meetings (speakers – wireless microphones – display screens – mixers – microphones, etc.)
3- Preparing meals, food and beverages necessary for the conference (open buffet – breakfast only – breakfast and lunch – water, drinks and juices)
4- Renting modern cars – according to the client’s request – to transport delegations to and from Kuwait Airport, and to and from hotels and workplaces for those coming from outside Kuwait.

The Error That Accompanies The Interpretation Process, Whether From Coordination Or Equipment, And Making Sure That They Are Free From Any Obstacles, The Mechanism Of Our Competent Interpreters, And The Conclusion Of The Technicians And Their Original Role In The Success Of The Work, Certainly Leads To Harm To The Customers, Which We Do Not Want Any Customer At All. We Take Great Care In The Importance, Accuracy And Follow-Up Of Our Interrelated And Relevant Services From The Interpretation Process.
With Our Experience In This Field, Our Competitive Prices, The Quality Of Our Equipment, Our Services, Our Translators And The Efficiency Of Our Technicians, We Affirm That We Deserve To Be Your Success Partners In Providing Individual And Distinctive Services That Greatly Contribute To The Success Of Your Conference Or Your Effectiveness In Providing Interpretation And Interpretation Services For Conferences.

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