Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences

All international, regional and local bodies, institutions and organizations wish to organize their conferences and meetings in an excellent manner, and with superior quality in everything, proportional to the size, value and position of the sponsoring institution of the conference. For itself, we say we are the most creative and professional in carrying out our tasks in this field.

We can provide our customers with more distinguished services as soon as possible.

In Source Translation, we have interpreters who are able to carry out their tasks with their great experience in many and many conferences and with the largest bodies and institutions such as the United Nations organizations, human rights, satellite channels, international and regional training bodies, and event organizers inside and outside Kuwait.

We can provide all the necessary equipment for conferences, including enterpreters, translation rooms, simultaneous translation headphones, and means of communication for all conference attendees. We also have everything related to advertisements, brochures, and brochures on the conference agenda and agenda. And all the necessary logistical equipment that would bring out the conference in the best way, and with the best possible results.

Do not hesitate to contact us with whatever you wish to implement, because we are able to implement your requirements, and achieve the highest possible quality standards.

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