Training, Interpreters and Translators

Contribute to building and developing society, and creating generations capable of facing current and future challenges and overcoming them, a role we play in Source Translation towards graduates and language learners who wish to join work in the field of translation, and those who want to learn a foreign language, whether language learners in public and private universities, Or from others who want to travel to other countries, which makes them in dire need to learn the language of this or that country.

Our training programs are distinguished locally and regionally from other institutions working in language and translation training, and we give the recipients of these programs accredited certificates stating that they have obtained the

qualification programs we offer that help them join the labor market and overcome obstacles at home and abroad.

In addition to signing cooperation protocols with educational institutions, whether governmental or private universities, or companies to train their personnel using the latest technologies, which will positively affect the work system of this institution or that.

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