At Source translation company, our tasks are many and varied, as the policy of satisfying the customer by providing the best possible quality of the translated work, regardless of the accuracy of his specialization, size or reducing the time required to complete it, is the bulk of our endeavor and keenness to help the client and lift the burden of carrying out tasks with the necessary accuracy and quality from his shoulders, And then he can complete the steps based on our work and resulting from the translated content, for which he resorted to a translation office or company to use his services with ease and ease. All you have to do is communicate with us through our means of communication and send the content to be translated, and we, in turn, determine the appropriate time and cost according to the standards The generally accepted translation, and then agreeing to what suits the nature of the content and the volume of work, and completing it with the appropriate quality, this is at the level of providing certified translation services. As for the interpretation, although it conforms in its standards with the approved translation in terms of the nature of the work, all information related to the work is absolutely necessary such as start and end date of the conference, number of attendees, location of the event, client requirements in terms of languages required and providing the best interpreters with Providing the most modern conference interpretation equipment technology in the world, which enhances the establishment of the event in the best possible way, and we can summarize most of the tasks as follows:
1- Providing translation services approved by the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs in the State of Kuwait, used for all purposes inside the State of Kuwait without any other procedure, and in all countries of the world after being approved by the embassies of the State of Kuwait around the world.
2- Simultaneous interpretation services for international and international conferences, events and events, whether inside the State of Kuwait or in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and we have the best interpreters, and the latest conference interpretation equipment with powerful wireless infrared technology (infrared) with addressing any problems that may arise in The case with the presence of specialized and well-trained technicians does not affect the quality and accuracy of the translator’s voice during translation.
3- Follow-up translation services for seminars, training courses, meetings, businessmen services and their escort inside and outside the State of Kuwait.
4- Providing all services and consultations related to content services, writing and editing texts, developing website editors, localization and many other accompanying services.
5- Effective partnership with training institutions with a weight of knowledge and information and providing the best experts in the field of training in order to prepare a generation – of experienced translators – able to continue the process and advance the translation movement from its slumber, for the benefit of serving society, institutions, bodies and companies working in development sectors and projects grand.

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