Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information

Source Translation Company attaches great importance to the confidentiality of information and data that can be viewed through our work as success partners for our clients in preserving the information, data and files received by us, and blocking them and preventing them from trading in accordance with the laws in force in the State of Kuwait.
Source Translation Company is also committed to providing the highest standards of security and confidentiality related to the protection of data, information and files in accordance with professional conscience, and spares no effort in taking any measures or measures to prevent the leakage of any of the clients’ information and data, whether personal or professional.
Source translation company confirms that following the policy of confidentiality agreements and maintaining customer information data is a major part of the disclosure policy, the charter of professional conduct, ethical values ​​and conflict of interests, and is very keen that all customer data, personal information, and commercial or contractual information are completely confidential, which makes its customers completely reassured. To protect their business data, it also works to establish all necessary policies to prevent information leakage.
The company is committed not to share any information with any unauthorized or unqualified third party to view it based on his job in the company or his dealings with it in accordance with the contractual and legal rules accepted and the terms and conditions that are agreed upon.
The company also confirms that it will not allow or publish any private information or allow any unauthorized party to access the company’s confidential data system, which contains information about its customers.
The company allows its specialized employees to view customer data and information, each according to the nature of his work, with the obligation to maintain confidentiality.
The company obligates its employees to abide by their obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the company’s information, which includes employee and customer information and documents and documents related to customers, and therefore he should not discuss any sensitive or confidential information, regardless of the type of such information, with any third party.

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