Consecutive Translation

The most prominent thing that draws attention in recent times is the large number of companies and institutions seeking the assistance of specialized experts in various fields, and these experts may be non-citizens residing, or speakers of the official language of the country, which necessitates the use of qualified translators in the field of specialization of these experts.

Accompanying businessmen, experts and specialists in various fields inside and outside the State of Kuwait is the core of our work, as we work by coordinating all requirements and at predetermined times in accordance with the established work agenda that our clients can provide us with, with full follow-up to solve problems and face potential risks and deal with them in order to ensure achieving Target.

We at Source Translation carry out our duties towards our clients from these companies and institutions, which makes us distinguished by our translators who specialize in sequential translation to and from various languages, and thus we can implement any specialized follow-up translation project for any party at any time and under any circumstance, according to the requirements of our clients, With the latest possible quality standards.

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