Legal Translation of Scientific Theses (Master and Ph.D.)

In addition to researching and adhering to strict and accurate standards of scientific research, and continuing to search for the appropriate content of his message and its position, whether through criticism, analysis or presenting what is new to science, he suffers the most from the requirements of translating his research or thesis according to the requirements of various universities and research institutions, and here He is shocked by the lack of translators specialized in this or that field, because of course he wants a translation of the misery of his research and the great effort he made in his letter.

For example, a legal researcher at the Faculty of Law is obliged to submit his letter after it is translated to his supervisors, and here it is required that the translation quality be superior. Because he may refuse the research because of the quality of the translation, or the supervisor asks him to return some parts because he did not understand them through translation, or problems in drafting the translated content, or the translator’s lack of understanding of the legal texts, and in order for the researcher to get out of these problems, he had to assign the work to a company Specialized translation has a team of translators who study legal terminology and specialized legal language, as well as the case in the translation of medical and scientific theses. This is what we provide with great care to our clients and researchers through our translators at Source Translation Company.

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