Legal Translation

The company provides its clients from the State of Kuwait and all over the world with certified legal translation services, and the company has no great sales in this field, as we have specialized work teams in this field, their experience reaches more than twenty years, they are fully aware of the legal and customary differences between countries, as the Translation of a legal text that depends on the system and laws of the target country, and for this we produce translated work of great quality, efficiency, extreme accuracy, and accreditation from all countries, bodies and institutions. In some files, the company uses its team of seasoned auditors and legal professionals, so that the client obtains a certified, notarized translation that is a strong argument for him, which he uses in courts, bodies, governmental and non-governmental institutions, companies, and even with individuals.

The company provides all certified legal translation services (translation of contracts and documents, certified and documented legal translation, translation of agreements, certified and documented translation, whether the parties are countries, institutions or governmental or non-governmental bodies, certified and documented translation for courts, certified and documented translation of judicial rulings, certified translation of legal agencies, Certified translation of international cases – Certified legal translation of all banking transactions – Certified legal translation of medical reports, especially forensic reports and criminal investigations).

The company also provides (translation of documents, documents and certificates, certified translation, translation of contracts, agreements and memoranda of understanding, certified translation, translation of texts and various legal drafts, certified translation, translation of laws, standards, regulations, and legal systems, certified translation, translation of records of judicial, arbitration and court rulings, certified translation, translation of human rights, translation). Accredited – translation of immigration law, certified translation – translation of property rights, certified translation – translation of regulations and conditions regulating work, certified translation – translation of international arbitration laws, certified translation.

Given the importance of this section of translation, the company pays great attention to it and always aims to develop in this field and reach the highest standards of quality, accuracy and accreditation.

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